“s3x saga” I can’t remember last time I had s3x— Neyoswaggz (video)


“s3x saga” I can’t remember last time I had s3x— Neyoswaggz (video)

Movie actor cum rapper, Adeniyi Akanni, popularly known as Neyoswaggz, is certainly living his dream. But it seems controversies are beginning to cree

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Movie actor cum rapper, Adeniyi Akanni, popularly known as Neyoswaggz, is certainly living his dream. But it seems controversies are beginning to creep into that dream. Recently, a rumour spread like wildfire that the handsome artiste is in a sizzling romantic affair with one of the most ravishing actresses in the Yoruba movie industry, Joke Jigan. In this interview with Star Tracker, he explains his own side of the story while revealing some amazing things about himelf.

What is your relationship with Joke Jigan?
Joke Jigan is a hardworking colleague. She’s such a wonderful and talented actress.

It was speculated recently that you are in a relationship with her, how true?
It’s really quite funny. We only have a working relationship like others. The speculation is false. It is the
product of infantile and warped mind of rumour mongers. Please ignore such speculated piece because it is untrue and ridiculous.

But you both posted the same picture on Instagram almost at the same time?

That picture was just a location thing.

You are often described as Nollywood “Big Boy”, why?
I used to think money is the only thing that brings happiness. But I’ve learnt it’s better to utilise it than spending it lavishly. Many rich men in Nigeria started with nothing but I come from a cool family. I think my problem is actually living in the moment and understanding everything that’s going on. So it’s really about me trying not to go back to my previous self. In other words, I do not want to be carried away by the wealth I have acquired. That’s like the toughest thing for me right now. I feel like I’m in my own world.

Will you say your world is good?
It’s got its pros and cons. I still know who I am and I haven’t let everything consume me. I have to be cautious of people’s perception of me. That’s the flip side to it. However, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

You rock chains almost all the time. Do you have a favourite chain?
[Laughs] I have been asked about this several times. It’s a toss-up double gold. I rock this with different pendants. I love good jewelries.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I do not have a celebrity crush. I mean none for now.

But you once declared Opeyemi Aiyeola as your crush in an interview?
Did I? Maybe not.

Does that imply your confession led you to trouble?
I don’t know what you are talking about.

How did your journey into the make-believe world begin?
It wasn’t something I planned. One of our directors who needed my kind of “swagg” and looks for a certain role called me to a location. At first, I never wanted to honour the invite but something kept pushing me and at the end, I really had a swell time.

Your kind of music?
I am into hip-hop but do more of fluent rap.

What brought about the speculation that you left music for acting?
It is basically because I feature more in movies these days. Seriously, I have been busy lately. I am currently working on my project “Exodus” which is stealing my energy coupled with some movie shoots in and out of the country. I know my fans are worried about my disappearance from the music scene but I will drop some stuff soon.

Considering that script in movies are delivered slowly and raps are mostly taken fast, how do you cope?
It’s like a sort of war for me till date but I am learning really fast.

How do your directors manage this?
Every actor or entertainer learns on the job and that is also my case. My directors have been fair to me I must say. I repeat my lines until it’s well delivered.

What do you consider before accepting a script?
An actor is meant to interpret a writer’s script to entertain and inform an audience. The storyline, quality and the morals embedded in the script are what I consider.

What are those things you think we need to put in check in the industry?
We are technically stagnant. Some of us still use archaic equipment to produce our films. The economic crisis in the country is really hitting the industry hard. Producers are scared of losing money to piracy. We also have the problem of stereotyping and using a particular actor often thereby leaving others to suffer. As far as acting is concerned, there shouldn’t be only one particular or some set of actors all the time.

Should your fans expect something from you soonest?
I have got beautiful things coming. Aside from some movie productions, I am working on a reality TV programme that showcases the life of celebrities.

How often do you have s3x?
I don’t have s3x as often as you’ll expect from a person like me. I can’t remember my last escapade.

Why do young men find it difficult keeping one relationship?
It’s the urge and inability to remain faithful and disciplined. I don’t even know what is special about it . I wish every man could just be like me (laughs).