People Gather around Nigerian Lady as She Sets Wads of N1k Notes on Fire in Viral Video, Says They Are Fake

  A Nigerian lady resorted to setting wads of N1k notes a customer gave her ablaze after discovering that they were all fake A concerne

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  1. A Nigerian lady resorted to setting wads of N1k notes a customer gave her ablaze after discovering that they were all fake
  2. A concerned neighbour who spotted her burning the counterfeit notes at a corner recorded the lady
  3. According to the lady, a man had patronised her shop and made purchases unbeknownst to her that they were all fake

A video of a Nigerian lady setting wads of counterfeit N1k notes on fire has elicited reactions on social media.

The lady’s neighbour had walked in on her burning the notes beside their gate and was reminding her how it was not right to set things on fire there when she saw it was counterfeit notes.

Counterfeit notes, lady burns N1k notesShe set the counterfeit notes on fire.
Photo Credit: @tri_sha60Source: TikTok

The neighbour enquired from her how she came about the notes and she opened that it was a customer.

The lady said a man in a car had bought food items like bags of rice and litres of oil and handed her the notes.

It was later on that she realised that they were all fake. As punishment, the lady said her madam made her pay for it.

The money is being deducted from her salary. When asked why she was burning them, the lady said she didn’t want them to be circulated by unsuspecting folks. According to the lady, it is remaining N70k for her to balance up her madam. A caption of the TikTok clip reads:

“A young man walked into my shop and bought 2 bags of rice, 2litre oil worth 110k and gave me this… I had zero idea that it was fake money, this man came with a fine car o, looking all good… God will Judge you sir wherever you are…”

Two men who saw her burning the notes were also concerned and were shocked they are fake.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions


“She burnt the money, some people will use the money and cheat other people she is a good soul.”

Titus G-will said:

“And she is so beautiful and cool mannered.

“Please how do I locate you? I truly have something for you.”

Farooq said:

“Young lady may Allah increase you in health and wealth. you’re the most honest human being i have ever encountered with.”

elsissidavinci said:

“She needs to explain how she got plenty of that monies. i suspect they have been using this b4 Emefiele redesign the naira.”

aikaynweze said:

“Continue being good despite the bashing from people.The reward for this act is unquantifiable. May God bless and keep you. Amen.”

Mosuro Azeez Olanrewaju said:

“She is the most honest Nigerian I ever came across.

“Almighty God will replenish your purse in a million fold.

“You deserve an award.”

Video of fake new N1k notes hit the net