Man Asks Doctor if Wife Can Still Cook for Him after Cancer Surgery


Man Asks Doctor if Wife Can Still Cook for Him after Cancer Surgery

  A doctor has shared a scenario from the hospital that occurred between her, a patient and the patient’s spouse The doctor was advisin

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“She can still cook right?” – Doctor shares strange question her patient’s husband asked after surgery


  1. A doctor has shared a scenario from the hospital that occurred between her, a patient and the patient’s spouse
  2. The doctor was advising her patient on activities she can and cannot participate in throughout her recovery
  3. The patient’s husband interjected with a question that implied that the patient should be able to cook for him while still in recovery

A Twitter user named Amani Jambhekar MD, MBA, FACS has taken to her Twitter account to share an experience she had at the hospital with her patient and the patient’s spouse.

The patient who was a woman was just recovering from cancer surgery treatment.

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The doctor said that the recovery process will take about four-six weeks. The patient then inquired as to the physical activities she can be engaging in while in recovery.

Before the doctor could answer, the patient’s husband interjected with:

“But she can still cook right? I can eat cereal for that long.”

The doctor replied the patient’s husband with a comment under her post saying:

“I said she cannot cook, clean, participate in childcare, dust, vacuum, etc for at least six weeks, and if she comes within 10 feet of a stove the glue holding her incisions together will melt.”

Social media reactions

@kmk1072 commented:

“In 1978, I had our first baby, and was released from the hospital (barely able to sit, stand or walk) on the second day. It was 8:00 pm. Newborn was screaming in his car seat; I was in tears. Husband said “what do you have planned for dinner?” I said: “Divorce.”

Judith Rozarie @JRozarie said:

“3rd child-during drive thru deliveries-went home, cooked dinner (sauce was prepped) with dessert (thanks mom) for all, including couple and child who were homeless. Then I WASHED up! While they all sat.”

@nurs…: commented:

“I literally had 3 c secs, emergent surgery for volvolus, ventral hernia repair, then full curtain abd mesh-still having to do ALL housework and kid care THE DAY AFTER I got home from the hospital after each surgery because he was too busy to help…before I finally divorced my ex.”

@grouchy15 said:

“I wasn’t ill but my (now) ex asked when dinner would be ready after I had worked 6am to 6pm with a 40 min journey each way. He had worked 8 til 3. From home. Glad I was never ill while with him. I would have been one of these poor patients.”

@ImmaJF. commented:

“My mom had to threaten to report a man to women affairs and human rights commission because he kept insisting on sx barely a week after the wife’s childbirth.”

@stacybmitchell stated:

“My mom says the day she knew her marriage was over was the morning after she had knee surgery, when my dad woke her up and asked if she was going to pack him a lunch for work.”


“After tendon surgery, instructions were, rest the hand till it healed, don’t get it wet, etc. Two days later, there I was, caring for my five year old, loading dishwasher, walking dog, cooking, etc. He just could not step up when needed. Also took my pain meds for his boyfriend.”

@jenniferholton said:

“I had one whose husband was still insisting on vginal intercourse when she was getting infusional 5FU and rectal radiation. The relationship was such that she couldn’t say no, so I finally told him that his junk was getting chemo exposure and that it might damage it.”

@RIDICULO_pathy wrote:

“I had one where the husband asked when was the soonest she could get pregnant again, right after she gave birth.”

See the tweet below:

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