5 world-class players who rarely use their weaker foot


5 world-class players who rarely use their weaker foot

Some athletes may naturally favor one foot over the other, despite the fact that most are taught to use both feet equally. Football players typically

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Some athletes may naturally favor one foot over the other, despite the fact that most are taught to use both feet equally. Football players typically have a dominant or favoured foot they like to use since it gives them more power, control, and accuracy.

If the opposing side is aware of the player’s choice, they may decide to change their defensive tactics, which could be disadvantageous.

Despite this, there have been many successful one-footed players in the history of football, including Diego Maradona, a left-footer who is recognized as one of the game’s all-time greats.

Check out these five elite athletes who rarely use their weaker foot.

5. Bernardo Silva [Manchester City]

Attacking midfielder Bernardo Silva is a dynamic player who is renowned for his dexterity and imagination. He is a talented football player with good close handling abilities who is at ease with the ball in his hands.

Moreover, Silva is renowned for his deft running, capacity to help teammates score goals, and deft passing. The enthusiastic and dedicated player from Portugal is a wonderful asset to any club because he helps both offensively and defensively.

Silva plays on his left foot, thus it’s uncommon to see him use his right for a shot or even a pass. Despite this, he is still among the Premier League’s most creative midfielders.

4. Angel Di Maria [Juventus]

Left-footed winger Angel Di Maria is renowned for his remarkable skills and dribbling prowess. He plays mostly with one foot, frequently controlling, passing, and shooting the ball with his left foot.

Di Maria is still regarded as one of the best wingers of his time and has achieved success at the top level of football despite this. His speed, agility, and vision help him make up for his one-footedness, making him challenging for defenders to contain.

The key to Di Maria’s success throughout his career has been his left-footed ability to outrun defenders and strike deadly crosses.

The Argentine legend, who is now playing for Juventus, is well past his prime but he did play a significant part in La Albiceleste’s World Cup victory.

3. Kyle Walker [Manchester City]

Modern full-back Kyle Walker is exceptional on both offense and defense. He is a vital asset, especially during defensive changes, due to his remarkable pace.

Walker’s side gains an added attacking threat with his precise crosses and overlapping runs. Walker is generally right-footed.

He is not poor with his weaker foot but it’s rare to see him use it. The 32-year-old is typically used on the right flank, which means that he hardly ever has to use his left foot.

2. Paulo Dybala [AS Roma]

Last summer, Paulo Dybala signed a free-agent contract with AS Roma after leaving Juventus. The Argentine forward has been able to resurrect his career at the Stadio Olimpico thanks to this decision, which has worked wonderfully for him.

With 11 goals and seven assists in 22 games in all competitions, Dybala has been Roma’s greatest performer thus far this season.

The left-footed 29-year-ability old’s to use his weaker foot is questionable.

But thanks to his technical skills and inventiveness on the football field, Dybala is able to overcome that flaw.

1. Lionel Messi [Paris-Saint-Germain]

Many people consider Lionel Messi to be one of the best football players of all time. One of the most versatile attackers in the game’s history, the 35-year-old possesses practically all of the major trophies he has played for.

Messi most recently led Argentina to World Cup victory and won the Golden Ball award given to the best player in the competition.

The left-footed athlete who has won the Ballon d’Or seven times is highly skilled with his weak foot, although he rarely utilizes it.

Messi is willing to use his left foot exclusively to dribble past opponents, create space, and fire shots into the goal. He has demonstrated that not using both feet equally need not be a weakness.