16 popular Nigerian celebrities who escaped sudden death in 2022

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16 popular Nigerian celebrities who escaped sudden death in 2022

With just 5 months into the year 2022, the entertainment industry has been dealt several blows ranging from deaths, robbery attacks and car accidents.

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With just 5 months into the year 2022, the entertainment industry has been dealt several blows ranging from deaths, robbery attacks and car accidents.

Fortunately, those who encountered near-death experiences survived. Here is a list of 16 Nigerian celebrities that have escaped and shared their near-death encounter from January to May 2022.

1. Duncan Mighty

Duncan Mighty

Music artiste, Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu, better known as Duncan Mighty, survived a car accident in January 2022.The 38-year-old took to Instagram to announce that he was involved in a car crash on January 2 and thanked God for saving his life. He wrote:

“GOD bless you all for your prayers, 2nd January on our way to Uyo our vehicle drove straight into the river after a trailer on a high speed failed break was the last thing I can remember. Next is seeing myself in a hospital.

GOD MADE NO BE MAN MADE. To our rescuers ikwa ibom / Ogoni youths GOD BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE I’ve been discharged and sound. Na today I get another second-hand phone. I say make I cassette the good news.”

2. Rose Afuwape

Rose Afuwape

Ultimate Love winner, Rose Afuwape is grateful to be alive as she survived a car accident.

A week after Duncan Mighty’s accident, on the 9th of January, Rose revealed on Instagram that she survived a car accident and was recuperating. The reality star said:

“Thank God for life. Had an accident, I am slowly recovering.

Both tyres bent and I sustained minor injuries. Please pray for me for quick recovery.”

3. Uche Elendu

Uche Elendu

Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu and other passengers narrowly escaped death when an Arik Air plane reportedly crash landed on Wednesday, January 12.

Tragedy escaped as Asaba bound Arik Air plane reportedly developed fault on air and crash landed

The actress, who took to Instagram to share her near death experience stated that the aircraft which was on its way to Asaba, the Delta State capital from Lagos developed fault and crash landed in a remote area. She wrote:

“What God cannot do does not Exist!!!! My convenant with God is strong and He never lies!! Thank you Jesus!!.

Arik @flyarikair God punish you and your ill mannered crew with demonic tongues. The male air host told me at the begining of the flight that i should put my box under the chair, that it will save me incase of a crash, i said stop talking negatively, we will not crash in Jesus name!!! only Jesus can save me!!!

He said there is nothing like Jesus keep fooling yourself and i said to him, Only a FOOL says theres no God. They freaking knew the aircraft was faulty!! Damn!!!!! Bring out my luggage let me go catch another flight. Lousy Bunch.”

4. Kris Ugboma

Kris Ugboma

Kris Asimonye Ugboma, the wife of popular Nigerian comedian, Bovi recounted her near-death experience in January 2022 when an ectopic pregnancy ruptured in one of her tubes.

The mother of three recalled waking up to an excruciating pain that was so painful she couldn’t move. According to her, she was preparing for a flight to Lagos so she called her husband to tell him about the pain. After refusing to go to the hospital as her husband advised, and some painkillers later, she recalled passing out. She recounted in a lengthy post:

“Friday, the 14th of January 2022. I had packed up my luggage preparing for my flight back to Lagos the next day being Saturday. But then I woke up with excruciating pain. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even turn, I had to stay still to control the pain.

I typically have a high threshold for pain. A very, very, very high threshold for pain but this was even beyond labor pain. I couldn’t control it. I reluctantly called my husband. He had asked me to go to the hospital several times in the days leading up to this moment.

30 minutes later, this pain still wouldn’t go away. My husband again, asked me to go to the hospital but I said no. “I’ll be fine don’t worry, tomorrow I’m back home”. I have a 10 0’clock at David’s school, I can’t miss it. I took some painkillers, and it seemed like the pain was finally beginning to go down. I could stand upright at this point.

About an hour later, I started to feel like I was going to pass out. I called 999 but I couldn’t speak, then I passed out. Somehow, I miraculously woke up to numerous missed calls from the emergency service.

I got up, put on my wig, and found myself heading to see my son in school whilst in pain. I had genuinely assumed the pain had subsided. I promised I’d see my son by 10am and I wasn’t going to disappoint him, so I pushed my pain aside, ordered a taxi, and found myself limping to his school.

The minute David’s school nurse saw me, she could tell that I wasn’t okay. God used this lady to force me into a car and she specifically asked the driver to take me straight to the hospital. 2 hours later, I passed out again while waiting to see the doctor and the nurses were not even aware of what was going on.

By the time I got back into the GP’s office, she was going to send me home. All the tests done for signs of infections came back negative and the last bit was to do a scan “There’s no opening for a scan for you today, they are fully booked, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

I responded with the little strength I had left; I can’t go home without seeing the doctor. I just fainted again, I had fainted twice today.

She placed a call to the gynecologist and the next thing I heard was; get her a wheelchair and take her to the gynecology & maternity ward. God did it!! Suddenly, they said I could do a scan the same day.

“The report: “I’m sorry you have an ectopic pregnancy and it’s ruptured in one of your tubes. You are bleeding in your tummy. You have to go into surgery immediately”

In a matter of minutes, they were prepping me for surgery. COVID test, setting up a line, just movements in and out of the room.

I couldn’t process what was going on. I needed strength at that point, I couldn’t even pray. I couldn’t call anyone because the last thing I wanted was to panic. So it was just Bovi, and 2 of my friends (Nwando & Kaine) who already knew what was going on.

For the first time in my life, I really craved strength. And it was beyond physical strength. I was physically, emotionally & mentally drained. Nwando and her mum had rushed down to the hospital the minute I told her, Bovi was in panic & I. I just hoped in God.

Before I was wheeled into the theatre, all I could say was: ‘I am going to come out alive and stronger. ‘I testify today of God’s faithfulness to me. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be well, and most of all, I am very grateful to have good people, a strong support system around me.

This new year, I am alive and well and I’d be back home to my family and this party called life, soon.”

5. BBN Tuoyo


Days after Rose Afuwape’s accident ordeal, precisely on January 17, Big Brother Naija reality star Tuoyo Ibeh took to Instagram to announce that he was involved in a car accident.

The part-stripper shared a video of the damaged car, thanking God for his life. He wrote:

“Thank God for life, and everyone that was with me. Nothing shall take our life this year in Jesus name Amen.”

6. Ugezu J Ugezu

Ugezu Jideofor

On January 24, Nollywood actor, Ugezu J Ugezu, took to social media to thank God after miraculously escaping death in a car accident. The actor and his family got involved in a terrible car accident and his colleague, Ibiwari Etuk made the announcement on Instagram. She wrote:

“Guys join me and thank The most high God who saved my boss @ugezujugezu and his family today from a terrible accident at upper Iweka onitsha . We are grateful Lord for this huge testimony.
Ayaka the global masquerade God will always protect you and your family

#itwillalwaysendinpraise #toGodbetheglory”

The actor himself took to his verified Instagram page to thank God and those who reached out to him and his family. He wrote:

“Thanks to everyone.


[The Almighty God defends his own always in glorious ways. 

We all survived. Okwa Chi Ukwu.

Onye Olu Ebube Ndewo!


7. Israel DMW

Isreal DMW

Precisely a month after Tuoyo’s car accident, On February 17, Israel DMW, one of singer Davido’s aides, also survived a car crash.In a statement shared on his Instagram story, Israel stated that he was fine and there were no casualties. He wrote:

“I’m fine. There was never any single casualty at all. Thanks for your calls.”

8. Burna Boy

Burna Boy

In the same month of February, Grammy Award winner, Damini Ogulu better known as Burna Boy also survived a car crash. The 30-year-old confirmed he crashed his Ferrari in an Instagram story on Saturday, February 27.

According to him, some people took out their phones to record him instead of helping him. He wrote:

“Yes it’s true. I had a bad accident in my Ferrari today. My leg just hurts a little but I’m fine. It’s funny how everyone came out with their phones recording me instead of helping out (I guess they were too excited to see me regardless of the situation lol) but I love you all. Gambo got me.”

9. Mide Martins

On March 8, Nollywood star and film producer, Mide Martins recounted a near-death experience she had while on the set of a movie production.

The Yoruba Actress, in a recent video she shared, exposed Nigerians to some of the hazards actors and actresses go through to entertain movie lovers. Mide Martins, who recently produced her new movie, Onitemi, revealed how she almost lost her brain while on set.

The highlight from the video was the moment Mide fell on the ground and hit her head on the tiles during a movie shoot; her reaction after the fall showed that the pain was real.

She said:

”May we not labor in vain.. May God crown all of our greatest efforts. I give glory to God almighty because “ni gbogbo ona aye ope yo” Hmmnn!!! I remember when we were shooting this particular scene in “ONITEMI” I almost lost my brain after hitting my head badly on the tiles. I was able to sustain the injury through the grace of God almighty and now this happens. Well it is well

I say thank you to everyone that stood by me during this trying period. Ese modupe gidi gan. God bless you all.”

10. Portable


Estranged friends of Zazu crooner, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable Omilani, reportedly attacked the Singer at Ado-Odo Ota, area of Ogun State on March 13.

The street sensation who took to social media to celebrate his 28th birthday on March 12, allegedly got on the wrong side of the aggrieved persons for using his newfound stardom to incite opposition against them.

In the video sighted online, the chaos started when his car screen was reportedly broken by his estranged friends, thereby triggering Portable’s anger which got him out of his car and started disorganizing the whole street.

According to reports, the street war was between those labeled “Oju Ore Boys” and “Ilogbo Boys” in Ado-Odo Ota, area of Ogun State.

Eye witnesses gathered that Portable sided with the Oju Ore boys after he hit stardom and the Ilogbo Boys who got angry, branded him an enemy, threatening to do him harm anytime he comes around.

Those in know also claimed a recent attempt to waylay the Singer resulted in damage to one of his vehicles but he was able to escape with injury.

11. Yung6ix


Nigerian trap-star Onome Onokohwomo, professionally called Yung6ix, was involved in an accident in the US.

The talented rapper shared the news via his official Instagram page on Tuesday, April 4. Yung6ix shared a video of himself laying on a stretcher while being rolled into an ambulance.

Yung6ix didn’t reveal how the accident occurred. However, from the video, it was clear enough that the accident affected his mobility.

12. Omah Lay

Omah Lay

Budding Nigerian Musician, Omah Lay, experienced a mild drama at a concert in Australia.

Omah Lay on April 8 while touring Australia performed at a concert in Melbourne as the main headline Artiste alongside Melbourne’s great DJs, MCs and supporting acts.

The ‘Damn’ singer was finishing up his performance at Melbourne and the final bows were sweeping the stage when, out of nowhere, a fan desperate to make contact with Omah lay ran with speed and knocked the artiste down.

His bouncers immediately reacted, but the deed had already been done and according to reports, it took Omah a few minutes to get up after sustaining injury.

13. Melvin Oduah

Melvin Oduah

On May 2, actor and former Big Brother Africa housemate survived a ghastly motor accident. The ex-Gulder Ultimate Search contestant took to social media to announce his survival.The model-cum-actor in a series of posts on his Instastory shared the remains of his car which was a write-off after the accident. He simply captioned his post:

“Thank you Jesus.”

14. Yvonne Jegede

Yvonne Jegede

It was not exactly an accident, but on Wednesday, May 4, Actress Yvonne Jegede revealed that she survived turbulence on her way back from a movie shoot in Lagos.

The 38-year-old who boarded a flight from Lagos to Abuja said in her post that they witnessed turbulence but the pilot was able to weather the storm. She wrote:

“Finished filming late last night and had to catch the 6:30 am flight @flyairpeace Lagos – Abuja this morning. I really need a holiday. I want to say a job well done to the amazing pilot that got us through this mighty cloud.

The plane kept dropping from the sky if you listen you will hear people praying, but God is mightier. I saw nothing but beauty in the sky I had to get this video as I was sitting by the window (with my phone on flight mode). I had never seen anything like this, it was so cool to have a large number of people in the plane coming to me to share the videos when we landed, I became a turbulence celebrity this morning.”

15. Steve Crown

Steve Crown

Gospel singer Steve Crown will forever remain grateful for surviving a car accident in May. Less than a week after Yvonne’s incident, the music star took to his Instagram post on Monday, May 9 to share clips of the damaged car while singing praises to God.

In the video, Crown could be seen lip-syncing to his hit song ‘Your Love’ which features fellow gospel singer Tope Alabi.

Captioning the post, he simply wrote:


16. Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo shared her near-death birthing experience on her 44th birthday, which took place on May 17. In her post, she said she is grateful to God for life as she never believed she would be alive to witness year 2022. Taking to her Instagram page to recount her experience, Uche Ogbodo wrote:

“I NEVER KNEW I WOULD SEE THIS YEAR ! But Mercy Says NO each time the Enemy rears up its Ugly head!

In the Theatre being delivered of my beautiful baby LUMINA (Brighter Light ) I was So scared! Something didn’t feel right, I continually felt something would go wrong! Maybe because I got so Many Death wishes from Trolls Online, my subconscious was already believing it might happen! But I pushed that fear to the back of my mind cos I wasn’t gonna leave my new baby with my Young & Scared & Strong husband and go anywhere. God Bless him, he held my Hand all through the Surgery Kept Saying I can Do it, I shall not Die, what God can not do does not exist!

After birthing my baby, the doctors discovered Complications blood sacs in my stomach that’s one of the complications that might cos bleeding after birth.

Thank God for My wonderful Doctor FATIMALI refused to stitch me back Up! God used this wonderful Muslim Doctor to save my Life.

She discovered this problem and insisted it wasn’t normal, that my stomach wasn’t as it should be., if I had my baby else where maybe they would have stitched me up and discharged me then I will go home and develop Bigger complications and who knows

But Mercy Said NO! My God was in the Theater that day! my God who watches over me, the Holy Spirit came through for Me. My God who is able to do all things for me exceedingly according to his Wishes and Glory to meet a perfect and expectated end.”

Recall Uche Ogbodo had in 2020/2021 had a near-death experience, which she recounted at the beginning of the year 2022, stating how God came through for her through the gift of her newborn.

While recounting her ordeal with acute Angioedema Ogbodo revealed how she had already prepared for the worse, leaving all her properties in the care of her sister. In a lengthy post she said

“I am that woman the Lord showed mercy and I am finally ready to share my testimony. Better half of 2020 was the worst time of my life because I was told I was gonna drop dead.

According to doctors, they said my condition could only be managed and the worst case scenario was death and I might not know when death would come. They said I could be walking down the street and just slump because my heart could stop beating due to suffocation from acute Angioedema.

They advised me to relocate because I can’t survive here in Nigeria. They said I should stop coming to the hospital every two days to take steroid shots that help me with the swelling and itching from acute urticaria. I almost lost hope. I had started making plans of exit putting my properties in my younger sister’s name and my baby Mildred’s name because I believed if I left this earth my sister would care for my baby better.

But one thing I never did was give up on my God! I prayed! I fasted! I hoped! I sowed seeds! I wailed in agony most nights. I couldn’t sleep due to attacks, I didn’t know what to do anymore, my body started rejecting medication even the steroids stopped working, so I decided on my own to give up my medication, but I never stopped praying until God showed up for me. Since my immune system was super weak and my hormones were malfunctioning, I wasn’t even seeing my periods most times.

I was shocked when I got pregnant! Instead of dying, I became pregnant with my Bunny, and my life changed; that pregnancy changed my life! It reset my imbalanced hormones, upped my immune system, my blood count became normal, it reset my dead skins, my red and white blood cells started working better.

It glowed my body and demolished all my attacks, I could now breathe, I no longer had things blocking my airways, I didn’t have problems with my heart anymore!

This was the major reason I was dancing all through my pregnancy because God gave me a second chance at life and even dashed me a beautiful human being that used her fathers genes to reset me. I can’t explain this miracle but I know that what God can not does not exist! 2022 we move! Healthier and more vibrant!”